Spanish lessons in El Salvador with Fluent Spanish Today: “BUY” VOCABULARY (SALVADORAN SLANG EXPRESSIONS)

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Spanish lessons in El Salvador with Fluent Spanish Today will teach you how to use the different colloquial expressions to BUY anything in different contexts. Learn the colloquial way of BUYING things in El Salvador.

Spanish lessons in El Salvador  with Fluent Spanish Today “Buying” vocabulary understanding Native Spanish Speakers.

When in El Salvador, you will be able to BUY things like a native Salvadoran on the streets, at Mercados or Tienditas. Salvadorans don’t use formal language; we use colloquial expressions and slang when “Buying” in El Salvador.

Knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it will help you look like a Native Spanish Speaker and avoid misunderstandings. Learn Spanish with Fluent Spanish Today

Table of Contents

Spanish lessons in El Salvador with Fluent Spanish Today: “Buying” vocabulary in El Salvador, read the following expressions:



Quiero / quisiera  I want …it is very common to use the verb QUERER (business context means “to want”, romance and friendship context means “I love you”), you can conjugate it in the present or imperfect: “Quisiera” … both are common to use. However, Quisiera is more polite and it’s often followed by “Por favor”. Examples:

“Quiero dos camisas talla S” / “quisiera dos camisas talla S, por favor”


Deme: Give me … it might sound authoritative but it is common to say it. It is informal though. Example: “Deme un dólar de aguacates”  


Dame: give me …. “Dame” in El Salvador is only used with people you already know: friends and family. For example: A) hey dame mi dinero (hey give me my money).

Me da

Me da: Give me… saying “me da” sounds a little bit more friendly than “deme”. Example: “Buenas, me da una botella de agua”.

Me regala

Me regala: Give me … “me regala” comes from the verb “regalar” which the literal meaning is to give something for free. Yo te regalo mi amor (I give you my love – for free), Este es un regalo de mi mamá (This is a gif from my mom). IN EL SALVADOR ME REGALA MEANS  “give me” but you will pay for the product, it is not for free. When you are going to buy something at a “Tiendita” or at the street market “Mercadito/ Mercado”  you can use this expression. And people understand you will pay for your products. If you say “me regala un dólar de aguacate” it just makes you sound like a Native Spanish Speaker, and you will sound very friendly.

Spanish lesson in El Salvador with Fluent Spanish Today,


Scenario 1: street market

a) Buenas, me regala dos coras de queso. (Buenas mean hello/good morning/good afternoon/good evening, give me USD0.50 of cheese)

b) Bueno, aquí tiene. (Bueno: ok, here you have)


Scenario 2: at Pizza hut

a) Buenas, quisiera una pizza gigante de pepperoni.

b) Ok, una pizza gigante de pepperoni, le cuesta USD12, ¿desea agrandar su combo por USD2.50 más?

a) No, solo la pizza está bien.


Scenario 3: at the beach

a) Buenas, deme una minuta de frutas.

b) Le tengo de dos precios: de USD1.50 y de USD2.0

a) Deme la de USD1.50 (uno cincuenta)


Scenario 4: at the pharmacy

a) Buenas tardes, me da una caja de vitamina C, por favor.


Scenario 5: at a Tiendita

a) Buenas, me regala una Coca Cola en lata.

b) Grande o pequeña?

a) Dos coras.

b) Aquí tiene.

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