El Tunco beach Surf City El Salvador: covid-19 biosecurity protocols

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All biosecurity protocols you need to know before you go to EL TUNCO BEACH, Surf City, El Salvador.

El Tunco Beach is ready to welcome back Salvadorans and foreigners from anywhere in the world.

Before covid-19 you would see El Tunco as a bohemian little surf town. Now, things have changed a little. One of the protocols you need to consider is that they do not allow loud music anymore, even churches need to obey the art. 25 “It is prohibited any type of loud music that will alter the peace of the neighbourhood and passer-by: nightclubs, churches, etc.”

In the main entrance of El Tunco you will see nurses taking your temperature which needs to be lower than 37ºC, it is up to them to let you in or not.

Check out the following infographics:
    All shops, mini markets, restaurants and even “tienditas” are asking to wear a mask in order to assist you.
    You need to have with you a whole bottle of “alcohol gel” as we call it here.  Wash your hands in every moment you make contact with other people and when you exchange money.
    El tunco encourages visitors to keep “one surf board” distance from each other. Which means at least 1.5 meters.
    You are not allowed to have loud music not even on the beach, the POLITUR (Salvadoran Tourist Police) they have all the right to kick you out of the beach if you don’t obey. Moreover, you’ll have to pay a fee.
    You cannot bring coolers full of beers or liquor. If POLITUR sees you, the party will be over for you. You are not allowed to get drunk!
    Please, help us protect our beach or join me in doing beach clean ups!

Things allowed to do:

  • Eat in restaurants.
  • Go into the sea.
  • Stay in the hotels and hostals.
  • Surfing.
  • Buy souvenirs.
  • Walk on the sand.
  • Smoking cigarrets.
  • Drink beers inside the restaurants, hotels or hostals.
    (You can still have fun but don’t get drunk)

It might sound crazy all the protocols listed above, but keep in mind this is done to take care of El Tunco Community and people in general. If you feel sick, please stay at home! we will be waiting for you.

Reminders like this will be seen all over El Tunco Beach

The new protocols have been applied since September 2020. Is there anything more specific that you would like to know about El Tunco? message me on Instagram @FluentSpanishToday

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