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“Aula” is just another word for classroom in Spanish. Learn more vocabulary with all the activities we have made specially for you. 

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  • 10 LESSONS
  • One-on-one 45 min online lesson


$ 300


  • 20 LESSONS
  • One-on-one 60 min online lesson
  • Free access to Aula, exclusive online platform
  • Speaking challenge with feedback and corrections
  • Writing challenge with feedback and corrections
  • Free Whatsapp Coach to help you anytime you need to.


$ 180
  • 15 LESSONS
  • One-on-one 55 min online lesson

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Learn and practice
Spanish in El Salvador +
Surf lessons

El Salvador Spanish Immersion Program:

Want to live a one time experience Surfing and learning real Spanish in El Salvador?

  • Learn to Surf in El Salvador.
  • Get to know the beauty of El Salvador with a local bilingual guide.
  • Learn and practice Spanish  in real life situations.
  • Live the culture of a Spanish-Speaking country.
  • Service provided by Tunco Life and Fluent Spanish Today

Free Ebook
"The Supreme Spanish Guide For Beginners"

Start your Spanish journey to speak non-stop just like a “Perico”.

29 pages guide-book to speak better Spanish by improving your pronunciation: Spanish syllables, word stress, repetition, and much more in this free e-book.

What Students Have To Say About Their Experience

Sarah B
Sarah B
United States
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“Marlene is amazing. I have been studying spanish for two years with several private tutors and Marlene is one of a kind! In every lesson she prioritizes my speaking and gently corrects my mistakes and bad habits, helpfully explaining each correction until she's sure I get it. The preparation she puts into each lesson is amazing--she asks me to choose all the topics so that what we learn is relevant and interesting to me. The pace is perfect and Marlene's good-natured and easygoing personality makes each lesson not just productive but also fun.” - Sarah B.
Christine F.
Christine F.
United States
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“This was my first lesson with Marlene, and she was great! I learned so much in just a short time, and she's got a great way of helping you practice grammatical principles. I was looking for someone who could help me with my grammar, as well as help me understand how and when certain tenses are used. I'll definitely book more lessons with her.” -Christine F.
Caroline W.
Caroline W.
United States
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“The lesson was very helpful! The slides Marlene used were geared toward my Spanish goals and helped me to answer questions. Profe Marlene gave me many helpful phrases that I can use in my teaching profession. Thank you!” Caroline W.
United States
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“Another great lesson with Marlene! I'm starting to understand what she meant when she said "I'm going to make you think in Spanish so that you will be able to speak fluently." That's a great way of putting it and it, and it's awesome having a teacher that actually teaches you to be fluent. A rare and valuable quality in a Spanish teacher!” Patrick
Dan S
Dan S
Ontario, Canada
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“As a native English speaker it was important that I could easily understand her English. As a beginner, her Spanish seemed very clear, pronounced distinctly, so I could better hear the sounds.” Dan S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, get in contact with me, it’s for free!

What is “Perico”? and how does it work?

In Spanish we say someone is “Perico” when they like to speak a lot! Therefore, we call our Spanish program “Perico” because we will make you speak Spanish a lot!

I want to learn specific vocabulary for my job, can you help me?

Por supuesto! we have helped US teachers, nurses and Software dev. to speak technical Spanish, get in contact with us if you need something specific so that we can make the proper study guide and activities to help you learn and practice the vocabulary.

Do the lesson packages expire?

Yes! in order to keep you motivated, your lesson packages expire within one month of purchase.

Where are my Spanish tutors from ?

Become Fluent in Spanish with native Spanish speakers. All our tutors are from El Salvador:  Neutral Spanish accent and vocabulary.

Fluent Spanish Today is 100% Salvadoran.

What is “My Whatsapp Coach” ?

Whatsapp Coach is an exclusive benefit that only Fluent Spanish Today offers. Yu can ask questions any day of the week and get feedback and corrections in real time by a real person.

I want to pass a Spanish test in my school, can I give you the topics I need to review?

¡Claro que sí! we have experience working with teenagers. The most recent student we had was a girl studying for her AP Spanish Test, tell us what test you need to study for and we will help you with that.

How long does it take to learn Spanish?

3 MONTHS. Truth is…. you will learn the basics of Spanish language in three months. However, remember that everyone is different, some people might take longer to learn something. Either or, our tutors are very patient to help you learn, we can go at your own pace to reach your goals.

Is there any fee to reschedule a lesson missed?

Nope! we do not charge fees for rescheduling a lesson. Just let us know on time if you can’t attend a lesson, so that we can help you to find a better time and day. Note that you have one month to reschedule a lesson. After that you will have to pay again for every single lesson missed.

What is “Aula”?

Aula it’s our new online platform. We provide a unique username and password so that you have unlimited access to all the activities we have there. Make sure to book the correct package to have this benefit. You can access Aula from any mobile device, laptop or deskptop.

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